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Saskatoon Zoo welcomes adorable baby lemur


A lemur at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo became a mom with a healthy ring-tailed lemur this week.

“Mom Lucy is doing great, and the baby is exhibiting all of the major milestones we hope to see,” zoo manager Jeff Mitchell said.

Lucy will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day this weekend as this is the first ring-tailed lemur born to Lucy and dad Ringo following their arrival at the zoo last year.

“We have not yet identified if it’s a boy or girl because we are allowing time for mom and baby to bond and will be selecting a name in the coming weeks,” Mitchell said.

Saskatoon Zoo said the newborn ring-tailed lemurs will cling tightly to their mother’s belly for the first few weeks before moving to a more jockey-style hold on mom’s back.

Lucy will introduce solid foods to her baby after about two weeks with full weaning at five to six months of age.

It will take a month for the infant to become independent after exploring the habitat.

Ring-tailed lemurs, native to southwestern Madagascar, are classified as endangered.

Saskatoon Zoo said lemurs are the most at-risk mammal group globally.

If you want to pay a visit, the ring-tailed lemur family resides in the Small Mammal House at Saskatoon Zoo. Top Stories

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