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Saskatoon residents encouraged to check in on vulnerable family, neighbours on hot days


The City of Saskatoon plans to ramp up its emergency heat response from Sunday to Wednesday, with a string of hot days expected.

Residents will be able to find relief from the heat at nearby cooling locations, outreach services, wellness checks and water distribution as temperatures rise, a City of Saskatoon news release said.

“Extreme heat can cause serious negative health impacts ranging from dehydration and heat exhaustion to heat stroke and potentially death."

Director of Emergency Management Pamela Golden-McLeod told CTV News the city is most concerned with residents that have health issues, are a little older and may not have air conditioning in their homes.

“Those are the people that we're really trying to reach right now. And the way we do that is we really want Saskatoon residents to think about their friends or family or their neighbours who might be living those kinds of conditions and reach out to them and check on them.”

Golden-McLeod also said some organizations in the city were working on reaching more vulnerable residents.

“They're distributing water. They're arranging for cooling locations.”

The city also reminds residents that swimming in the South Saskatchewan River is prohibited and dangerous.

“The river has many hazards including changing currents and an unstable bottom,” the news release said.


The city is also reminding pet owners to provide plenty of fresh water for pets, to never leave them in parked cars, and watch for signs of heat stress.

People who work outside are encouraged to be safe by drinking extra water, taking plenty of breaks from the sun and modifying work duties to avoid heat illness.

Anyone who is in distress due to the heat can contact 911, the city says. People can also flag down a Saskatoon transit bus for help.

The city said is extending spray pad hours from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. as part of the response. Top Stories

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