SASKATOON -- A driver is facing a hefty fine and a one-week vehicle impoundment after being caught repeatedly using his cellphone behind the wheel in Saskatoon.

“This is his fifth distracted driving ticket in 12 months,” the Saskatoon Police Service said in a tweet Monday.

This comes after increased distracted driving fines came into effect in Saskatchewan on Feb. 1.

Eighteen other motorists were handed a ticket over the weekend, each costing $580. That’s the new fine for a first-time distracted driving offence.

That number is “average” for Saskatoon Police Service members, spokesperson Alyson Edwards said in an email to CTV News.

“Our officers continue to see far too many motorists texting or talking on their phones, creating dangerous situations for themselves and other drivers on the road.”

A second ticket within one year of being convicted of a first offence will run $1,400. A third in that same time frame will cost $2,100.

All fines also come with demerit points and repeat offences result in a one week vehicle impoundment.

The Saskatoon Police Service said 2,391 tickets were issued in 2019 for driving while using a handheld device.

Distracted driving includes using your cellphone as well as eating, using a GPS, reading or personal grooming while driving.

Regina police said they issued seven tickets for motorists using a cellphone since Saturday and in Prince Albert that number was two.