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Saskatoon police euthanize 2 coyotes that were 'acting strange'

Saskatoon police are urging caution after two coyotes were euthanized over the weekend.

The first incident occurred in the 600 block of Feheregyhazi Boulevard on Saturday, where a caller reported a coyote that was "acting strange," according to police.

After officers arrived, they found found a coyote that appeared to be in distress and euthanized it, police said.

Around 12:15 p.m., police received another call about a sick coyote at the Sutherland Dog Park.

"The responding officer confirmed it was also in distress and behaving abnormally. It was also safely euthanized," Saskatoon Police Service said in a news release.

The officer was approached by another person who said they saw another coyote that was "acting strange" in the park, SPS said.

The third coyote also appeared to be in distress, but it fled before the officer could euthanize it.

SPS is asking anyone who sees an animal that could pose a threat to public safety to contact police. Top Stories

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