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Saskatoon Islamic group says recent attack on man 'not surprising'


Daniel Kuhlen says he’s not surprised by the recent attack on Muhammad Kashif.

"Unfortunately as shocking as it is, it's not surprising, given what's happened both in our community and also across Canada and other parts of the world," said Kuhlen, communications co-chair for the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan’s Saskatoon chapter.

Kasheief was out for his daily walk around 5:30 am Friday when he said he was attacked near his Preston Avenue home. He says he was stabbed in his right arm, his back, had his beard cut off and was then beaten with his own cane.

"For people that do have hatred against Muslims. Why don't you get to know a Muslim," Kuhlen told CTV News. "Why don't you actually get to know a fellow human being, and just see whether, in fact, there might be some capacity that we might just be able to coexist."

The attack came two days after two sisters wearing hijabs were knocked to the ground and threatened with a knife while out for a walk in Alberta.

Mayor Charlie Clark said he visited with Kashif on Saturday.

"This is a very important time for all of us to stand together and work against Islamophobia and all forms of racism and discrimination," said Clark. "Right now, people are not feeling safe, and that is not okay."

The Saskatoon Police Service is asking anyone who may have witnessed the assaults or who has information to contact police or Crime Stoppers. Top Stories

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