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Saskatoon cargo truck blaze captured on video


Video captured from a fourth storey window shows a cargo truck burning in the city's Stonebridge neighbourhood.

Mark Lammens, who filmed the video, told CTV News he was watching a World Cup match with his wife he he heard sirens around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"I saw a lot of black smoke and looked over and sure enough, there was a truck in front of the building across the street that was on fire," Lammens said.

Lammens said firefighters quickly descended on the scene, battling the blaze in the 300 block of Cornish Road.

"My wife and I just bought new phones at Costco at the big sale and couldn't figure out how to get the video going fast enough, but once once I figured out what the buttons were — I tried to film it," he said.

Lammens said the responding firefighters sprayed a nearby building in a move to keep the fire from spreading and subsequently made short work of the blaze.

"It was funny I saw a few people running over, I'm like 'that seems silly the fire department is already there.'"

The final clip captured by Lammens shows a tow truck pulling the burnt vehicle away from the scene once the fire was extinguished. Top Stories

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