The contribution of women to the agriculture industry was the focus of the Women in Ag conference held in Saskatoon this week.

“Women really are the heart of the farm," executive director Ginelle Pidwerbesky said.

"They do everything, from the books, to running equipment, to training employees – the whole gambit. This is a way to say thank you for everything you do and we’re here to celebrate you."

The event is a chance for women to support, empower, and connect over their farming roots.

Lesley Kelly is a fifth-generation Saskatchewan farmer and grows canola, barley, lentils and peas.

The 6,500 acre Kelly farm is located in Watrous and running it is a family effort.

“My seven-year-old probably knows more about farming than I do,” Kelly said.

While this year’s harvest has come with its challenges, Kelly says her core values have kept her going.

“The first value is family, then farm, and then financial – that really helps during those hard times where it’s like, 'why are we doing the things that we’re doing' and it’s because of our family.”

The Kellys were able to finish harvest hours before the most recent snowfall. They avoided any losses, but Kelly says the quality of their crop could have been better.

“What better thing to do in life, than to work with your family and to grow food that thousands of other people eat,” Kelly said.