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Sask. Taco Time owner lends couple car so they can get to grandson's birthday bash

A Saskatoon couple is grateful after a Prince Albert businessman helped them out at the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

“It happened right there in front of Taco Time and thank goodness Ron Miller watching. He saw it all unfold. He was out there right away,” said Richard Smith.

Smith said he was driving to Saskatoon with his wife and family pet on Sunday afternoon when they were cut off in traffic and struck a car. The front of their truck was badly damaged; both headlights were smashed out rendering it inoperable.

The owner of Taco Time on 2nd Avenue, Ron Miller, came out to try to help. He says luckily the people involved weren’t injured but they were “distraught.”

Smith said they were upset because they were travelling to Saskatoon for their two-year-old grandson’s birthday party. That’s when Miller stepped in to help and offered them the use of his vehicle.

“To me, it was not a big deal because they were down and out. It was just automatic. I just knew I had to help them,” said Miller.

“I’ve been around people for 40 years and I just read them. I wasn’t worried about the car at all.”

The Smiths proceeded to take the car to Saskatoon and said they were “grateful” for the memories they were able to make at the family event thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

The random act of kindness was noticed by a restaurant patron and the story was posted to social media.

Miller is humble about the attention and said he’s done things like this throughout his life because “it was the right thing to do.”

Smith said he was “amazed” by Miller’s kind gesture.

“We were taken aback. He’s an unbelievable man. We’re so grateful and thankful for the help that he gave us and showed us his kindness,” Smith said.

Miller met the couple in Saskatoon to get the car back a day later. He said the Smiths had cleaned it, filled it with gas and offered him money to go out for supper that night.

Smith said the world would be a better place if more people had a heart like Miller’s.

“Wouldn’t it be - if we all looked out for each other a little bit more like Ron did for us,” said Smith. Top Stories

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