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Sask. Plains Cree artisan says her wearable art tells a story


For Plains Cree artist Honey Constant-Inglis, beadwork is about more than just making an accessory — it’s a storytelling medium.

"Every colour that we put on our bodies should reflect who we are as people — so the colours I'm using now are inspired by a K-pop band,” she said.

“But a lot of the colours I create with are fire colours because I want to remind people of their own passion, their own strength, and their own resiliency.”

Constant-Inglis joined other artists from across the province at Wanuskewin on Saturday for an artisan market. She says it’s a tight-knit community.

"It feels exactly like a family."

The festivities included captivating cultural performances, with contributions from St. Francis School and a hoop dancer.

Wanuskewin has been a gathering place for over six millennia. As its aims for UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition, events like this show it’s still bringing the community together to this day. Top Stories

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