The victim of a notorious pedophile plans a petition to ban sexual and dangerous offenders from accessing social media platforms and interacting with the public after he saw his abuser's profile on a pen-pal website for inmates.

“I’ll never forget what happened. There’s no changing that,” said Zach Miller, now 24, was 10 years old when he was abducted and sexually assaulted by Peter Whitmore in 2006. Miller lives in Whitewood, Sask.

“But every time his name comes up and he tries something like this, he is trying to take things away from me. And I’m at the point now where I’ve got to take this away from him. He shouldn’t have this right anymore.”

Whitmore is a master manipulator who will help other predators, Miller said.

Miller fears the “silver-tongued” Whitmore would, for example, manipulate a mother into sending a picture of her sons and would then distribute it.

He plans to send the petition to federal lawmakers, the justice minister, the public safety minister and the prime minister.

He also said the Canadian Inmates Connect website should vet the people who post.

With Canadian Press files