SASKATOON -- The provincial government has issued a Request For Bids (RFB) to acquire body armour for officers with the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol (SHP).

“This RFB is to establish a standing offer agreement with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure for the supply and delivery of a Duty Belt System, Soft Body Armour and Armour Carrier for the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol (SHP) Officers,” the request reads.

The armour carrier must be “compatible with custom tailored ballistic level 3A soft armour.”

Saskatchewan Highway Patrol officers have the authority to stop trucks and complete vehicle weight and safety inspections, enforce speed limits and other rules of the road. They can also respond to emergency calls and enforce traffic safety laws, to support their role on the Protection and Response Team (PRT).

The PRT was created in as a response to concerns about crime, particularly in rural areas, by bringing together highway patrol officers, conservation officers, RCMP and municipal patrol officers.

The the deadline for submissions is Dec. 19.