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Sask. boy has a passion for powwow despite 'limitations'


An 8-year-old boy from Wahpeton Dakota Nation, near Prince Albert, has gained popularity with his love for powwow dancing and singing.

Keaton Constant was born with health complications. His heart didn’t fully develop, and his lower body didn’t grow due to a rare birth defect called congenital femoral deficiency.

Keaton’s father, Kirby Constant, said they attended ceremonies between hospital visits.

“It was just a relief to know that there was all these prayers and all these uplifting, good vibrations, and good energy around these powwows,” Kirby told CTV News.

When Keaton was home he would practice the drums and use his toys to make powwow circles. He learned to dance with a jolly jumper until his wheelchair was decorated.

“We made his regalia and from that, we just kept adding to it,” Kirby said.

He posted videos of his son, which gained the attention of the well-known drumming group Northern Cree. The group invited Keaton to sing with them at a powwow in Peepeekisis. He plans to go back there this year.

“We’re going to Peepeekisis powwow,” Keaton said.

He has travelled to powwows across the province in a camper he received from the Make-A-Wish foundation last summer. Now, Keaton is gearing up for another busy season.

“I’m just so proud that he's doing what he loves even with the limitations that he has,” Kirby said. Top Stories

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