Residents in Saskatoon’s Rosewood neighbourhood are petitioning against a developer’s plans to build houses in front of their homes.

Arbutus Properties is proposing to build homes in front of homes on Rosewood Boulevard East.

The residents said when they bought their homes, they were told a road would be built in front, and Arbutus’ building proposal goes against original plans.

“We all saw the plans. We all saw that there was supposed to be a cul-de-sac in front of our homes, and that's what should be there,” Scott Claffey, who has lived in Rosewood for four years, said.

People who live on Rosewood Boulevard East can only access their homes through a back alley. Claffey said only one-way in is a safety hazard and a hit to the boulevard’s property value.

Arbutus Properties is the main developer for Rosewood, but the homes on Rosewood Boulevard East were built by Vantage Developments.

The two companies have pointed at each other when residents raise concern about the lack of road. Vantage said Arbutus owns the land, and Arbutus said the road should be built by Vantage.

“Truth of the matter is that road probably should have been built when they [Vantage Developments] put that multi-family development in,” Jeffrey Drexel, a director with Arbutus Properties, said.

“I think the city approved it because they internalized it all and made it all wok internally — in terms of circulation, in terms of fire access.”

Nearly 100 Rosewood residents have signed a petition against Arbutus’ building proposal.

The proposal still has to be approved by city councillors in a meeting scheduled for October.