The homeowner of a property littered with junk received a violation noticeThursday morning and is ordered to pay $250.

The violation, issued by the fire department, states there is an “excess amount of garbage, furniture AND litter in the rear yard.”

The notice came just hours after the neighbour of the unkempt property voiced her concerns to CTV News.

"It’s a trash pit. That’s the best way I can describe it," said Illandria Borel, who has lived next door for nearly 15 years.

Dirty adult diapers, a broken toilet seat, used needles and a carton of eggs that exploded from being in the heat are among the grossest things Borel says she has seen beside her house.

Borel said she made numerous property nuisance reports to the city, but her complaints were put on a waitlist.

“It’s not even a slap on the hand,” Borel wrote to Facebook about the violation notice.

The homeowner’s fine could be reduced to $200, if paid early.

If the city has to intervene again, the landlord could pay upwards of $750.

CTV News spoke to the landlord of the problem house on Wednesday. She said a mother and son are her tenants, and claimed someone else has dumped the garbage in the yard.