It’s Christmas eve and Erin Lozowchuk still has a couple of people to shop for.  She's come to the mall at Lawson heights along with other last minute shoppers. 

 "I have to shop for my friend's family, grandparents, and a few others, but i'm pretty much done."

 A BMO survey shows that only three percent of Canadians don't wait until the last minute to start their Christmas shopping.  That's down from previous years.  Retailers at the mall say it’s been a busy season but a relatively calm last day.    

Saskatoon liquor stores on the other hand have been pretty busy.  People have been in and out of the 8th street one all day.  And while this is the time for celebration, police are reminding people to be safe. 

"There are so many ways to make sure everyone is safe, there is taxis, designated drivers, you can get someone to pick you up, there are many other services.  There is no excuse to drink and drive. " warns Kelsie Fraser with the Saskatoon Police Service.

The ministry of highways says if you're driving out of town for Christmas, just know that there has been a fair amount of fresh snow over the weekend.

"As motorists are out driving for the Christmas holiday they should be on the lookout for things like icy and slippery sections, especially where drifts have been compacted in the driving lanes, and also if the wind picks up there will probably be some reduced visibility as well." says Doug Wakabayashi.

Highways is reminding people that Christmas day will be a cold one.  The forecast in Saskatoon calls for a high of minus 24 and a low of minus 32.  So whether your traveling within the city or outside it, bundle up and have a safe and Merry Christmas.