SASKATOON -- Throughout his day, Prince Albert courier Michael Ball stops to talk with people.

He uses his intuition to pick those struggling emotionally with problems such as illness, family turmoil and addictions.

He often gives them a gives them an angel coin or serenity bracelet. He also drops off coins in high traffic areas where people, including those with addictions, will easily find them.

“I come from an addiction world where I really didn’t have a lot. I lost everything in life,” said Ball, who works for Purolator.

“And when I changed that back around, you know, I found way of gifting people and helping people find a better way. And to smile today.”

Ball, who speaks at treatment centres, helps youth and adults wherever they are on their path to recovery from substance abuse.

His giving nature is part of who he is today and was developed from his deep struggle to overcome an alcohol and narcotics addiction, he said.

His journey to sobriety has set him on a path with a clear mission to help others through kindness.

His dad died when he was a young and from there he remembers being mad at God and the world. This spiralled into substance abuse and a world of hard drugs and hurt for those who cared about him.

Today he works full time for a great company and likes to play senior hockey, he said. He bought his mom a new Honda Civic to help make up for his past transgressions.

He said his hair, a Mohawk haircut died pink, is another way people notice him and he wants to interact in positive way back. He does it to expresses his love for life and his individuality.

Ball challenges others to also do random acts of kindness to help others or make someone’s day a little better.