Police have never released details about what happened the night Dakota Nayneecassum was murdered but now his mother is speaking out about what happened to her son.

It has been less than three months since Twyla Nayneecassum heard the news about Dakota.

“He was 18 years old. Just a baby,” she says.

Everywhere she goes in her close-knit community of Sandy Lake people want to talk about Dakota, but she says it’s too emotional for her.

“I don’t even go nowhere. Just stay home. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

On the night of September 15th, 2012, Dakota was visiting relatives at a townhouse in Prince Albert’s west flats. His mother says a gang of young men out looking for trouble came knocking on the door.

“My son had answered the door,” she says, “He was the first one to be seen and that’s when they stabbed him with a machete.”

She says they weren’t even looking for Dakota, “Just the wrong place, wrong time.”

Police have not released any details about what happened that night. 22 year old Blake Norman and 23 year old Kyle Goodrich, along with an unidentified youth, face charges of murder and attempted murder.

Twyla Nayneecassum says she plans to be in court for every appearance, “I hope justice is served. But I know it’s not going to get my baby back.”

Police say the case is still an active investigation but it is unclear if they plan to recommend charges against anybody else. All three suspects have been remanded in custody until their next court dates.