SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe was back campaigning in Saskatoon on Friday morning, but rather than announcing anything new, Moe instead detailed many of the commitments made by successive Sask. Party governments in infrastructure and business.

 “We have invested in infrastructure,” said Moe. “More than $200 million of the new economic stimulus infrastructure funding is going directly into the community of Saskatoon. Much of that funding will be put to work tending to basic infrastructure needs of the municipality, such as paving, such as roadside safety projects and sidewalk rehabilitation.”

 Moe says that stimulus funding comes on top of municipal revenue sharing that has “jumped by 180 per cent to nearly $50 million per year.”

 “We’ve invested nearly $100 million to build the Gordie Howe Bridge in the south end of the city, part of the south bypass. $50 million in the Chief Mistawasis Bridge in the north end. $11 million for an interchange at Highway 16 and Boychuck Drive, millions more in new overpasses at Warman and at Martensville, and of course $257 million in a new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital that is now providing the absolute best possible care for our children from every corner of this province.

 Moe says the Sask. Party has provided growth incentives for industries in and around Saskatoon, introducing tax credits to encourage investments in manufacturing and processing, like “record investment in agricultural research, so that scientists in this city can continue to develop new crops to continue to feed the growing world.”

 Moe also promised a balanced budget by 2024, saying it would be done without raising taxes, while repeating his rejection of a federal carbon tax in Saskatchewan.