SASKATOON -- Matt Ingrouille wants to see meaningful change when it comes to drug and addiction issues in Saskatoon. The Constable is sharing his ideas and goals on the latest episode of Eric Anderson’s YXE Underground.  

Ingrouille believes the best way to bring change is at the grassroots level. It’s one of the reasons the 13-year veteran of the Saskatoon Police Service started a non-profit known as Say Know, a drug education program that utilizes speaking engagements, online resources and a podcast.

Ingrouille says he wanted to show people there were different, more innovative ways to combat issues surrounding drugs and additions.

“Trauma is the root cause of all addictions,” he explained on YXE Underground. “Somewhere along the line, something happened in this person’s life, and the last thing we need to do with someone who is already having a hard time is to throw them in jail, because the substance they’re accessing turns them into a criminal.”

Say Know advocates for drug regulation versus criminalization, and Ingrouille notes that the legalization of marijuana is a good first step down that path.Ingrouille hopes that through Say Know, people will rethink their views on drug and addiction issues in their communities.

“People with gambling addictions can throw their entire family’s welfare down the toilet and that’s acceptable from a legal perspective,” said Ingrouille. “But if you’re going to use an opiate because you’ve been through trauma to manage your pain at night and help you sleep, that’s considered wrong. Why?”

Matt Ingrouille is the feature interview in this month’s episode of YXE Underground, alocal, independent podcast hosted by Eric Anderson, featuring people who are making a difference in Saskatoon. You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts. Visit www.yxeunderground.comto learn more.