The city’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors Monday morning.

The Saskatoon Compassion Club is located downtown on the 200 block of 2nd Avenue North.

Medical marijuana and other products such as cannabis oils for those with proper doctor’s notes, will be locked up and only available to members.

Mark Hauk, the owner of the dispensary, made a presentation to city council Monday morning, asking them to look into regulations regarding his business.

Shortly after the meeting, Hauk unlocked the doors of his business.

“I was certainly hopeful that we would have the support of one councilor, and we have a couple on board, so I’m very happy,” said Hauk.

“It's for people who are prescribed by doctors, that are battling things like [multiple sclerosis], where they choose cannabis over pharmaceuticals, and I thought it deserves more looking into," said city Councilor Troy Davies.

The city is evaluating regulations and having police look into the business, which is where Hauk could potentially face charges for the illegal distribution of medicine.

“I’m hopeful the regulations come as soon as possible,” said Hauk. “The reality is, the sick and dying people of Saskatoon don't have months to wait, so we need to do what we need to do, to help give them access to their medicine.”

The city expects to make its report on the dispensary public as early as September.