Dark brown water poured out of Maria Classen’s tap, and into her tub on Wednesday evening.

“It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t bath my children,” Classen said.

Classen has been unable to use the water from her home’s taps for the two years she has lived in Saint Gregor, Sask. – about 130 kilometers east of Saskatoon.

“It looked like brewed coffee coming out of the taps. It was absolutely horrible,” Classen said.

Classen said the mayor told her there is not much the town can do about the water supply.

“He said there is nothing really the town can do about it because the pipes are getting old and starting to deteriorate,” Classen said.

“So particles and sediments from the pipes are getting flushed through the lines. And if you’re at the end of the line, chances are you’re going to get brown water coming out of it.”

Classen calls for government help

Classen said majority of people living in the town spend hundreds of dollars on filters, but Classen believes it shouldn’t come out of the residents’ pockets.

“We’re missing out on money because our town’s not applying for it,” Classen said.

Last summer, the federal and provincial government dedicated $94 million to 75 water projects across Saskatchewan – including $300,000 to Muenster, a town near Saint Gregor.

Classen is calling on her town to apply for similar funding.