Saskatoon police say human remains discovered in a Saskatoon neighbourhood Wednesday afternoon have been identified as those of a male, but the cause of death is still being investigated,

It's hoped an autopsy on Friday will shed more light on who it is, and how he died.

Police tape and cruisers surrounded the area near the riverbank on the east side of Adilman Drive where the body was discovered at around 2 p.m. Wednesday by a passerby walking his dog. 

Police say they have not uncovered any evidence of foul play, but the investigation is ongoing.  Major crimes, forensic teams and the coroner are all assisting in the investigation. 

While the body has been identified as a male, police say they have not determined the age of the individual. 

Saskatoon Police have four men listed as missing from the city on their website. However, there's no indication at this point whether the remains are one of them, or someone else.