First Nation Students in Saskatoon will now be able to take advantage of the Universal Bus Pass,or U-Pass.

The city signed an agreement today with the First Nations University and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology to give First Nations students unlimited city-wide access to the transit system.

More than 75 per cent of students at SIIT take the bus to class.

The students will begin paying a mandatory fee of $96 per semester at the start of the school year. It's estimated the move will save students more than 600 dollars a year.

Randell Morris, SIIT president, says he hopes this partnership will encourage more First Nations people to enroll in their programs. "When we come back and see institutions grow and flourish. We know there's potential. We know there are opportunities. There are huge opportunities in this province. Once they receive their tickets, receive their diplomas, they can head out and they can be part of the economy and live in this great province that we live in."