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'Dumbfounded': Video shows man fleeing from police in U-Haul, then by bike


A Saskatoon landscaper says he was "dumbfounded" after witnessing a man's attempt to flee from police using both a U-Haul cube van and a bicycle.

Mason Voinorosky was working near the intersection of Circle and Airport Drives when he noticed the commotion.

"Started seeing police come down Circle Drive and blocking traffic and not too far behind them, there was a U-Haul with both of its back wheels blown out — going five kilometres an hour down the freeway,” he said.

Voinorosky spilled, got his phone, and began recording as he watched the van perform a u-turn and head down an off-ramp into oncoming traffic back onto Circle Drive.

In the video — which can be viewed using the player above — the man can be seen grabbing a bicycle out of the back of the van in an apparent attempt to continue evading police

“Was just kind of dumbfounded, to be honest," Voinorosky said.

The man didn’t get far because he hit something on the ground and went over the handlebars of the bike, he said.

"It was pretty well over and the police had him on the ground."

According to police, the pursuit followed a report from employees at a hardware store in the 100 Block of Betts Avenue regarding several items allegedly stolen by a suspect cruising the parking lot in a cube-style U-Haul.

A 37-year-old man faces multiple charges relating to theft and evading police in connection to the pursuit.

In a social media post concerning the incident, Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) said the man was also found to be breaching court-imposed conditions.

The man "won’t likely be allowed to rent a moving van any time soon," SPS added in the post. Top Stories

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