The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo has welcomed its two newest members, Australian dingo sisters Euci and Maple.

The pair arrived at the zoo after a 14,000 kilometer journey from Australia, with help from the Australian Dingo Foundation and the Oakvale Wildlife Park, according to a news release.

“The addition of the dingoes provides a great opportunity for us to bring some exciting new animals to Saskatoon, allowing visitors of all ages to meet dingoes, most likely for the first time," zoo manager Tim Sinclair-Smith said in the release.

Lyn Watson, founder of the Australian Dingo Foundation, shares the zoo’s enthusiasm.

“We are so heartened after a lifetime of work with them, to know that Canadians will now be able to observe Canis Dingo in live form," she said in the release.

A 30-day quarantine and inspection by the Canadian food and Inspection Agency is needed before the exhibit can open.

Euci and Maple will be living in the previous wolf exhibit, which is set to officially open to the public Aug. 9.