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Dawn Walker’s court date looming early next week, FSIN calls for her release

At a press conference showing support for Dawn Walker at the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), organizers were calling for the release of Dawn Walker and a thorough investigation into the police's handling of her domestic assault allegations.

Walker had previously been arrested in Oregon and extradited to Canada after fleeing with her son in late July.

Several Indigenous women, including an FSIN vice chief say they stand in solidarity with Walker.

“We are calling for the release of Dawn Walker on her own recognizance. Dawn is not going anywhere. She will be home with her family and close to her son,” said FSIN Vice Chief Heather Bear.

The FSIN also wants an investigation into the RCMP and Saskatoon Police Service “to examine the pattern of abuse and to expose what level of abuse is required to result in charges of abuse.”

Dawn sister, Kathy Walker was one of the representatives at the conference, and said she spoke with her “at least four days” ago when she was still in Oregon. She hasn’t spoken with Dawn’s seven-year-old son “in quite sometime.”

“It was really emotional for me,” she said. “I felt like she was just trying to get by.”

Walker and her son were first reported missing on July 24. She will be represented by one of Canada's best known defence lawyers, Marie Henein

Earlier this week, Henein confirmed she is representing Dawn Walker on her Canadian charges, which include public mischief and child abduction in contravention of a custody order.

Henein is known for successfully defending former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi in his sex assault trial and former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant after he was charged in a cyclist's death.

According to the FSIN, it is not helping pay her legal fees which instead are being taken care of by a GoFundMe campaign. 

“If we had the money we would pay but there is a GoFundMe initiative happening right now and we encourage anyone who wants to, contribute," Bear said. 

Walker was arrested in Oregon for allegedly using fake identification to cross the border with her son. She was ordered to be returned to Canada by a U.S. district court judge last week.

According to court documents from the United States, Dawn Walker’s conditions for release include:

  • The defendant shall not commit any offense in violation of federal, state or local law while on release in this case.
  • The defendant must cooperate in the collection of a DNA sample if the collection is authorized by 42 U.S.C 14135a.
  • The defendant shall immediately advise the court through Pretrial Services or defense counsel in writing of any change in address and telephone number.
  • The defendant shall next appear as directed by U.S District Court.

Walker has an araignment hearing in an Oregon courtroom scheduled for Sept. 7. 

On Friday, Saskatoon Police Service announced Walker has been transfered back into SPS custody around 4 p.m. 

SPS said additional charges are being considered as the criminal investigation continues.

Walker is set to appear in provincial court on Monday. Top Stories

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