SASKATOON -- Greg Fertuck pestered his cousin for gun ammunition and threatened him over a text message, according to testimony.

Clayton Fertuck took the stand on Monday afternoon in Fertuck's first-degree murder trial.

Fertuck is accused in the disappearance of his estranged wife, Sheree Fertuck.

Sheree was last seen on Dec. 7, 2015 leaving her family farm near Kenaston, Sask. to go haul gravel nearby. Her body has never been found.

Clayton read out text messages he and Fertuck exchanged in September 2015 — just months before Sheree went missing.

Fertuck was urging Clayton to get him gun ammunition.

Clayton said he was “putting him off” and had “no plan” of actually getting Fertuck bullets.

In November 2016, Clayton testified Fertuck messaged him again.

At the time, Sheree's disappearance was being treated as a homicide investigation; police believed Fertuck was responsible, but he had not yet been charged.

When Clayton didn't respond to Fertuck's message, he called him a “stupid boy” and the cousins bickered over text.

Fertuck eventually told Clayton, “You better think about how long you want to be around,” according to text messages read in court.

“I took that [text message] as a possible murder threat,” Clayton told court.

“I thought he might do something and know where I live.”

The Crown asked Clayton, “So you didn't want [Fertuck] to have your address?”

“I didn't even want him to have my phone number,” Clayton responded.

The defence chose not to cross-examine Clayton.

RCMP found two gun shell casings at the gravel pit where Sheree worked and her semi-truck was found abandoned. Police could not confirm how long the casings had been at the scene.

The defence suggested the shell casings could have belonged to hunters, and could have been disposed there after Sheree went missing.

The Crown's theory is that Fertuck shot Sheree at the pit, and moved her body to a field.

The Crown's case is based on a confession gathered in an undercover police investigation.

The judge must decide whether that evidence will be accepted.