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Colder than average for Sask. winter: Old Farmer’s almanac predicts

Saskatchewan can expect an old fashioned winter this year, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

‘We’re looking for the cold to start in mid-November and run through until mid-December. Then again at the beginning of January, end of January, end of February,” Almanac managing editor Jack Burnett told CTV News.

Burnett said western Canada could expect colder than normal temperatures and more precipitation than usual, “But about the same amount of snow. So kind of a good old prairies winter.”

He said snow would arrive at the end of November, again in the middle of December, end of December and the end of January.

“We’re looking for a snowy Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and so-on,” Burnett said.

“What seems to be interesting is it seems to stop in February. So, it’s going to be cold in March but most of its front loaded.”

Burnett said the team still used the same method for weather predication as they have in the past.

“We go back and use the same three things that we used back in 1792 to put together the forecast, which are local weather, air mass things like that, what we might call meteorology, climatology or long-term weather trends and also solar science.”

He explained these factors would be entered into algorithms and they would look for past patterns that resembled current conditions.

However, he also said they had to make some tweaks to their algorithm to adjust for climate change. 

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