Coyotes have been spotted in Saskatoon twice in a matter of days – and this time, the animal showed signs of aggression.

Tuesday morning, a coyote startled Al Walsh, a truck driver, at the Central Avenue snow dump. The coyote was last seen heading towards the city.   

“I saw it running around across the field this morning,” says Walsh. “I think there has to be something wrong with the coyote, like some sickness I would think."

This incident comes days after police were forced to shoot a coyote in the Silverwood Heights neighbourhood.  It had got caught in a backyard fence and was too injured to save.   

Geoff McLeod, with the City of Saskatoon's pest management, says the city issued a warning to residents after a number of coyote sightings. “We have a number of sightings that will occur this time of year.  Food is a little bit scarcer so their presence is going to be more noticeable."

Most of the sightings have been on the outskirts of Saskatoon, where the city has expanded into coyote country.  The city says keep your distance if you see one, and call city officials if one is injured.