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City of Warman unveils Truth and Reconciliation mural created by high school students, Indigenous artist


Two years of reflection and brainstorming culminated in the unveiling of a giant mural exploring truth and reconciliation in the City of Warma.

Located outside the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce, the mural is anchored by the two half faces of a European man and an Indigenous man.

“To me it’s a lot of bringing in the two separate nationalities and being one,” said Grade 12 student Logan Bueckert, who came up with the idea.

“It’s a meaning of equality and balance.”

Ray Keighley, the Warman High School artist-in-residence, brought the idea to life.

“It’s, we’re in this together. This is Treaty Six land but it’s also our land. We are treaty people and it’s an agreement of nation-to-nation people, so that’s important. And I think that reflects that in the portrait plus the medicine wheel behind it is the four colours of man,” Keighley said.

Drawings and sketches for the mural began two years ago. Keighley said the unveiling was scheduled to happen last year, but COVID-19 delayed those plans.

Keighley said it was an adventure for him to paint cultural symbols, including a turtle, acknowledging Turtle Island, a name Indigenous people have used to describe North America.

“I had a lot of fun, no doubt about it. It was a great journey to be on.” Top Stories

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