SASKATOON -- Staff at the Western Academy Broadcasting College are giving back to the community with hot meals for a local shelter.

Don Scott, educational director at the college came up with the idea to donate 10 meals a day to the Lighthouse.

He purchases the meals from the Rock and Roll diner, a restaurant the college shares a building with.

“Chef Stackz has been so co-operative in preparing some of the best meals around,” he said.

Scott wanted to make sure that his school was doing its part to make a difference.

“Everybody got put on pause, including our college. It was a case of ‘how do we help out with some of those that are the less fortunate in the community.”

As of Sunday the college has donated a total of 150 hot, ready-to-eat meals made at the Rock and Roller diner.

“When this is all over, when COVID is a distant memory, the one thing we’ll have as our defining moment of goodwill is that we fed some hungry people.”

The school is working with the Lighthouse to extend the 10 meal challenge to more than just the college.

Donations can be made at


“I challenge everybody who has funding available, businesses or individuals alike, get involved with the 10 meal challenge. We’d love to have you participate and donate to what is as worthy of a project that you can find, the lighthouse.”