Municipal leaders from across the province had the chance to get face-to-face with Premier Brad Wall Wednesday at SUMA’s bear-pit session.

Two Councillors from Prince Albert took the opportunity to express their disappointment that their city won’t be getting a new bridge. They also made sure to grill the provincial highways minister about why.

“I’m still not totally satisfied with the answer. I don’t believe there’s a bridge or highway in this province that has been built on capacity issues alone,” said Martin Ring.

The bridge in question was closed to heavy traffic for months while a crack was repaired. People in the region say a second bridge is need to ensure traffic in the north isn’t disrupted again, but a recent study concluded a second bridge wasn’t necessary.

“The bridge that is there right now is not at capacity. There is still more room for traffic on that bridge,” Highways Minister Don McMorris said.

Another issues raised at the bear pit included flood damage and the new school year.

Other delegates argued that they want the province to back off plans to allow some municipalities to change the hours liquor stores can operate.

“SUMA is taking the stance that it is a provincial issue, and we did hear from the minister that’s how it will remain,” SUMA president, Debra Button, said.

Roughly 1,2000 people attended the bear-pit which wrapped up the four-day SUMA convention.