SASKATOON -- In his bid for re-election, mayoral candidate Charlie Clark is proposing a new fund to help encourage people to get outdoors and also visit local businesses during the winter.

Clark is also pitching the idea of free weekend city parking to entice people to patronize businesses.

"As we head into winter and continue to do our part following restrictions and limiting our activity, I am hearing concerns from parents, the elderly, and local businesses,” said Clark. “How will we get through the cold months and keep healthy? How can we encourage people to get out of their homes and support local businesses? To shop at a store with a door," Clark said in a news release.

Clark's "Take it Outside Fund" would be a one-time $250,000 fund drawn from federal COVID-19 Safe-Restart funding which would provide money to community associations, business improvement districts, arts and sports non-profits and service organizations.

The money could go towards grants could help fund community rinks, outdoor adventure races, arts performances, winter dining experiences or warm-up shacks along the river, the release said.