This year’s harvest has had a lower-than-average start, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Six per cent of Saskatchewan crops have been combined, compared to a five-year-average of 16 per cent.

“Combines are still in the shed…This will be the first year, that I can remember, not having started some sort of harvest activity in August,” said Rob Stone, a farmer near Davidson.

Clinton Monchuck, executive director of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, said a cool August could be to blame

“It’s been a pretty cool august to try and pull the crop in through maturity,” Monchuck said.

He said weather has hit farmers from every angle this summer.

“Ideally it would be 25 degrees and a 10 to 15 kilometer an hour wind right through until the end of September and beginning of October. I’ll put my request in but that doesn’t always happen,” he said.