A Saskatchewan woman had one mission when she was dropped off in the Arctic: survive.

Michelle Wohlberg was part of the new season of Alone – a reality show that tests how long people can last in the Arctic with no food or water. The person who survives the longest is awarded $500,000.

“When I got dropped off and the helicopter dumped me all I thought was, ‘What have I done,’” she said.

Wohlberg and the other nine competitors self-recorded their experiences. They had the opportunity to tap out and be disqualified at any time.

“You’re truly alone. They leave you alone, there’s no cameraman who’s packing a gun,” Wohlberg laughed.

Wohlberg was the only Saskatchewan contestant in this season, and one of the few women who have been on the show.

“Let that wind howl and scream and I’m going to totally be in my element. Because if there’s anything people from Saskatchewan know, it’s cold, long winters,” she told CTV News on her property near Mullingar.

“I butcher and raise my own animals. I can hunt. I can fish. It doesn’t matter what situation you put me in, I’m going to survive and I’m going to thrive in those elements.”

The contestants were allowed to bring 10 survival items from a preconceived list. Among Wohlberg’s items were a saw, axe and cooking pot.

Preparing for survival with pilsner and pizza

When Wohlberg found out she had qualified to become a contestant on the show, she only had weeks to prepare – with beer and pizza.

Wohlberg said she tried to gain weight before leaving for the Arctic to prepare for potential days of starvation.

Each person on Alone had to find their own food, water and shelter during their days in the Arctic. Wohlberg was unable to disclose how long she lasted in the elements.

“The hardest part was getting back to reality,” Wohlberg said.

She said getting back to civilization and no longer living in isolation had a culture shock effect.

“Standing in a grocery store, I would start to get panic attacks.”

Alone airs June 6. The longest a contestant has survived on the show was 87 days.