SASKATOON -- The Water Security Agency (WSA) has advised the public of rapid increases in flows on the South Saskatchewan River.

A peak inflow of around 1300 cubic metres per second is expected at Lake Diefenbaker on July 5, according to a news release.

Upstream of the lake, water levels are expected to increase 2.5 feet on average. As a result, the WSA started a spillway release at Gardiner Dam on Thursday, bringing outflows to around 520 m3/s.

The spillway release will be continued Friday and will increase to 720 m3/s.

The WSA anticipates having to increase the release on July 6 to a total outflow of 900 m3/s, depending on how inflows recede.

Levels are expected to increase around three feet throughout the system with outflow of 900 m3/s. Some areas may see an increase of five feet.

No overland flooding is expected, the WSA says.

People are asked to stay clear of fast-moving water and to move pumps and intakes.