Getting that perfect Instagram photo and posting it to social media is no longer just about standing out among your peers.

With the help of a few suggested spots, you could also be helping to promote Saskatoon.

People are searching out the perfect backdrop for their Instagram posts and Tourism Saskatoon is using that to help get travelers here.

Edmonton based blogger and Instagrammer Linda Hoang was invited to Saskatoon to create a list of the most Instagrammable spots, as some prefer to get information on their travel plans from these type of influencers.

"It's authentic and that speaks to Saskatoon as well and so that really has a lot more clout than sometimes the traditional advertising does," said Aviva Kohen with Tourism Saskatoon.

"People really love that it's colourful it's fun it's a free way to explore a city and get you off the beaten path."

Hoang, who has travelled all over Canada, says some of the Saskatoon locations that stand out to her are the big blue cartoon wall behind Foster’s Shoes on Broadway and the Drift Sidewalk Café mural on 19th Street.

“I like murals or nice colored walls or interesting texture walls. They're usually pretty unique to the location,” Hoang told CTV News.

Kohen said the walls seem to be working as a marketing tool.

“Quite often we'll get calls from people saying, ‘where is this?’"

The hashtag #Saskatooning is being attached to photos so posts about the city are easily found on social media.