SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe had some strong words in the wake of a rally that saw hundreds of people gather in Saskatoon's downtown over the weekend — many without masks.

Monday afternoon at the legislature in Regina, during his post-question period media availability, Moe called events of this type "a new level of problematic."

"What we're seeing more recently is I would say more troublesome, where we see rallies that are specifically focused on encouraging people to not follow the public health orders," Moe said.

"That shouldn't be happening in this province in any way," Moe said.

As of Monday, no fines had been issued by Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) related to the event. Moe touched on the role law enforcement should play in enforcing public health orders.

"Where we see people … flagrantly not following the public health advice that is there and we have asked, and we expect, the law enforcement officials to use their judgment on when they do and don't apply the enforcement of the laws," Moe said.

"The laws are in place and can be enforced by any law enforcement official."

In a statement to CTV News on Monday, SPS spokesperson Kelsie Fraser said no charges had been laid in connection to the rally held on Saturday.

However, she pointed to a previous incident where a fine was eventually issued after a similar event was held at Saskatoon's downtown mall. 

"As was the case with an anti-mask protest downtown and at Midtown several weeks ago, the enforcement came after an investigation," Fraser said.

In November, a key participant in an anti-mask protest at Midtown Plaza was fined $2,800.