An end could be in sight for the Saskatoon Co-Op labour dispute.

The union and management have come to a tentative agreement. The union and management met with a mediator late last week and came up with the tentative agreement Sunday.

John Thompson, a striking worker who has been at Co-Op for nine years, said it was tough seeing friendships divided.

“From people who maybe have gone inside and the differences that you wouldn’t have suspected from people you worked with before. I've also made a lot of new acquaintances and friends on the line that I probably would've never talked to before inside,” he said.

"I would not choose that as my favourite winter activity, that I've done but I think that in the long run it was a good choice on my behalf so I feel it was necessary that I did it."

Employees have been on strike since November 1, 2018. The main sticking point has been a two-tiered system the company wants to introduce where future employees would not be on the same wages and benefit scale as current employees.

Rod Gillies, director of negotiations with UFCW Local 1400, said meetings will be held Tuesday for the membership to vote on the tentative agreement.

No details about the agreement have been released.