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Some Sask. wildfire evacuees returning home


Buffalo Narrows residents have been given the go-ahead to return home by the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA).

The evacuees had been hosted in Regina. Ile-A-La Crosse residents have also been allowed to return home.

“SPSA continues to support some individuals and families who were evacuated from their communities with emergency crisis support,” SPSA president Marlo Pritchard said during a Friday news conference.

“This support includes food, clothing, shelter and other services. The SPSA is continuing to support 52 people in Lloydminster and 131 people in North Battleford.”


There were 21 active wildfires still burning in Saskatchewan as of late Friday morning, the SPSA said.

SPSA officials said five of the fires were considered not contained, three are considered contained, another three are being classified as protecting property operations and 10 are under ongoing assessment.

“All travel advisories have been lifted from the following areas the Montreal River area north of Highway 2 and junction 165 area in and around Besnard Lake, the area north of Churchill River near the Smith and McCrea fires,” Pritchard said.

The Shaw fire burning between Buffalo Narrows and Ile-A-La Crosse is 133,113 hectares.

“Crews continue suppression efforts near Highways 908, 155 and 925. Crews are also concentrating efforts by power lines around the Niska Channel,” Pritchard aid.

The Vermette fire, southwest of Dillon, is 65,547 hectares, Pritchard said.

“Crews are working to contain all hotspots around the northeast side of the fire towards St George's Hill. Crews are also moving to the northwest corner of the fire to construct Kelly helicopter pads in order to move crews to work on the perimeter.”

The Wistigo fire, southeast of Pinehouse Lake, is 62,766 hectares and fire crews are continuing suppression efforts on the northwest and south sides of the fire around Highway 165, according to Pritchard.

Fire crews are still battling the Sharp fire, north of La Ronge.

“Crews will continue to extinguish hotspots and will establish established helicopter pads in the south side of the fire,” Pritchard said.

SPSA said crews are also working to get the fire south of Deschambault Lake under control.

“Crews will continue to work at the southern end of the fire, putting in hose lines from Crooked Lake to the road, and northeast from the road to tie off into the burnt area and natural boundaries.” Top Stories

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