SASKATOON -- The daughters of Happy Charles are renewing calls to find their mother. 

“Happy was our mother and she was one of the kindest people that we have ever met,” said Margaret Ayahtawiw, Charles’ daughter. “Every person that she ever met, she touched their hearts and she made everyone feel equal and loved.”

Alisha, Margaret and Marcia Ayahtawiw are the daughters of Charles. The three sisters joined the Ashley Morin Awareness Walk from Saskatoon to North Battleford July 11th, walking on Highway 16 despite temperatures going up to +32 degrees. 

“We have been singing songs and praying as we sing. I spent almost an hour this morning praying before I came to this walk and I thank the Creator for this day,” daughter Alisha explained. “I thank the Creator for the walk that we’re doing and I thank the Creator for helping us to find our mom, Happy Charles, and to find Ashley Morin. It will happen. As long as we believe, it will happen.”

The 42 year-old Charles was last seen near the Prince Albert Collegiate Institute High School on April 3rd, 2017, on the school’s surveillance footage. Charles was wearing a black leather jacket with a long black wool coat, light blue jeans, dark framed glasses, white shoes and a black baseball hat. She was carrying a large black backpack that was full, as well as a light coloured purse with long straps. She was also believed to be wearing a small silver locket that has a picture of her son in it. 

On June 9th, 2020, a rural area outside of Prince Albert was searched by members of the Prince Albert Police Service after receiving information about a location potentially connected to Charles’ disappearance. Police described the area as “vast” and said there was not enough information to find the specific location identified. Investigators are looking for the public’s help in their search.

“The Prince Albert Police Service has received many anonymous tips and knows someone out there knows or heard what happened to Happy Charles,” said Sgt. Kathy Edwardson.

“Police are working hard on their leads and we’re doing our best to put our trust in them, and we have been working alongside them, and we have been doing our searches as well,” said daughter Margaret. “It’s been tough. They tried to do what they could. Investigators could have done more during her initial disappearance.”

Alisha made one final plea to the public. “If anyone knows where Happy is or has seen Happy, my mom, please just call and bring the tips in. You can be anonymous and nobody has to know who you are, you can just send in a tip, it will help us a lot.”