The global phenomenon HBO show Game of Thrones is coming to an end after eight seasons on Sunday night, and a University of Saskatchewan student got to be a part of the final season while studying abroad in Northern Ireland.

Keara Carter was studying astro-physics in Belfast when she landed a role on the show that gains millions of viewers each week. She realized the city was a filming hot spot for Game of Thrones, and a local tour guide was able to give her some tips to make being on the show a reality.

“The tour guide was actually an extra on Game of Thrones, so I approached him afterwards and asked how he got involved in that.

“He took my picture and then submitted it and then I guess they thought I could be a good dead person.”

The 23-year-old student spent part of 2018 filming the final season of the show, and appears in episodes two, five and six as a White Walker and resident of Flea Bottom. The fantasy show relies heavily on makeup and prosthetics to portray the mystical beings of Westeros.

“If we're getting prosthetics it would take like two hours to do prosthetics and then we would film all night until six in the morning."

Working on a high-profile show comes with a set of rules, including not speaking to the cast unless spoken to first, not giving away any spoilers and no taking pictures on set.

“They wouldn't hire you back and you'd be gone that day,” said Carter.

Carter was able to stay within all the rules so she will be heading back to Belfast to shoot a Game of Thrones prequel, all while staying in school and working over nights while filming.

With files from CTV’s Saron Fanel