SASKATOON -- Brenda Sereda has been waiting for almost two weeks to have her street cleared.

City graders missed her block of 4th Street East multiple times, including Wednesday, she said.

“To most of the neighbours’ excitement here, we saw a grader turn down our street and you know we watched him drive by to Clarence and not put his blade down at all,” said Sereda.

Fourth Street East stretches only two blocks. Sereda's block has not been plowed but the other has.

On Tuesday, Sereda says she was told by the city that it would take two days to get to her street. However, she says that those two days have passed and she hasn’t received a call back from a supervisor with more information.

“They did say that they’re human and mistakes are made, I understand that,” Sereda said.

“What I don’t understand is how on a two block street one was missed.”

Sereda says she is worried that if the street does not get cleared soon that an accident could occur, as residents have to accelerate more than usual to get through the snow.

The city says that in the past week crews have prioritized mobility on residential streets in 65 neighbourhoods in Saskatoon. It says crews are returning to residential streets that are having challenges or were missed.

“As crews are moving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, we did start hearing from residents that streets had been missed or streets still had problem areas after crews left. So, we are returning to these streets now and will continue to do so over the coming days,” said Terry Schmidt, general manager of transportation and construction.

Sereda is still waiting for her street to be cleared and says she does not understand how friends and family nearby have already gotten a second pass to remove snow.

“I don’t understand how other streets are getting a second pass … when some haven’t even been cleaned once,” she said.

Russell Scott, who lives on Bornstein Crescent, said his street was one of the only in his neighbourhood that had not been properly cleaned as of Thursday morning.

“I was hearing reports on the media that they were days away from doing the entire city when I look out here and seeing people still being stuck.”

Residents from the area said a grader showed up that morning to Bornstein Crescent only to stop half way.

Graders came back later in the day and Bornstein Crescent was cleared. However, residents were still upset at how long it took.