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Saskatoon parents struggling to find daycare for autistic child


A Saskatoon family has been left in the lurch after having their two-year-old autistic toddler kicked out of two daycares that said they weren’t able to care for the child.

The first time, it was without any notice.

“We were kicked out. The lady said we cannot come back. She did not give us 30 days notice and also this daycare didn’t know about his autism, but we didn’t know either, we just knew he was flagged,” the toddler’s mom told CTV News.

The parents asked to conceal their identity because they don’t want to jeopardize being accepted into care for speaking out.

“We might have a daycare that says, hey you’re exposing these daycares. I don’t want to be in a situation where one of us has to quit our jobs,” the toddler’s dad said.

Adding to the troubles, their current daycare has also said they need to go elsewhere as of February 1 because they don’t have the proper staff needed.

“Working with other people’s children and seeing mine not be included. I’ve cried a lot of tears over this,” the toddler’s mom said.

They were getting a government grant to help out, but mom says the grant stipulates both parents have to be working. When the father got laid of for just two months, the grant was rescinded.

“I feel it’s tougher than the government thinks. They just keep saying apply for this daycare. We’ve tried every other daycare we can think of and it’s a wait list, and then it’s a wait list on top of him having a disability,” she said.

The Ministry of Education, which oversees daycares, offered this emailed statement:

We will continue to work with facilities that request supports. While funding is available, child care facilities are responsible to hire the additional staff.

Olivia O’Neill, who works at Autism Services Saskatoon, says for most autistic children moving the child is detrimental.

“Being kicked out of a daycare and start all over again in a new environment with new routine and new staff can be a lot and be overwhelming,” she said.

O’Neill says she hears from many parents in Saskatoon that it’s difficult to find daycare.

This shouldn’t be the case, O’Neill adds.

The parents are hopeful they will eventually find a permanent daycare that can properly care for their child until kindergarten begins in a couple years. Top Stories

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