A Saskatoon father says he never expected someone to try to break into his home – and now his family is planning for the event it happens again.

“Everybody’s OK. I was pretty worried. I had my wife, three-year-old daughter and six-year-old son in the house so I more or less thought we were fighting for our lives,” Chris Regel told CTV News.

The family lives in the 800 block of Pohorecky Cove in the Evergreen neighbourhood. Around 11 p.m. Wednesday Regel was sleeping upstairs with his wife and kids when he heard a loud smash.

“I came downstairs, I saw my two dogs on the floor scared, so I walked to the back window, thinking that the wind blew something through the back window. “

As he went to inspect the window, he saw feet on the other side through the blinds, and something swinging at his head.

“I stepped back from the window and when I stepped back a tire iron had just missed my head. I threw a dog bowl out the front window to get the attacker away and stop him from coming in the house. Then the attacker came back and swung the tire iron back through the window.”

Regel says he managed to get the weapon away from the attacker and threw another dog bowl out the window. His brother-in-law came upstairs and watched the back door as the attacker ran around the front of the house.

Regel says he saw a car waiting at the street corner for the attacker.

Saskatoon police say they have charged four people, including three youth, who allegedly tried to break into Regel’s home and a home in the 100 block of Grey Avenue.