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Saskatchewan providing funds to support women, children fleeing abusive situations

The Government of Saskatchewan is setting aside money in this year’s budget to help women and children escape abusive situations.

"This budget provides a three-year commitment of $876,000 to support second stage housing for women and their children fleeing domestic violence," Justice Minister Bronwyn Eyre said in a government news release.

"As we hire and empower prosecutors, improve access to justice, and invest further in second stage housing, this budget reflects our overall commitment to make Saskatchewan people and communities safe."

Saskatoon’s YMCA said it turned away more than 4,000 calls for crisis shelter in 2021.

A social media post by the organization said it had to turn away 4321 calls because it had no room.

“Our shelters are always operating at full capacity and are only empty for as long as it takes to clean the room,” the post said.

“We are working hard to meet the changing needs of those in our community, and supporting women and families wherever we can.”

The government has also put $27.5 million towards interpersonal violence supports and services, the news release said. Top Stories

CBC says it is cutting 600 jobs, some programming as it slashes budget

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and Radio-Canada will eliminate about 600 jobs and not fill an additional 200 vacancies. The cuts at CBC come days after the Liberal government suggested it may cap the amount of money CBC and Radio-Canada could get under a $100 million deal Ottawa recently signed with Google.

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