SASKATOON -- Logan Foth took on an internet challenge that saw him climbing as high as the infamous Mount Everest from the comfort of a Saskatoon gym.

“I’m on this machine called the Jacob's Ladder. You climb the equivalent feet of Mount Everest, so it’s 29,035 feet,” Foth told CTV during a short break from climbing at Fitness Focus.

His journey began after seeing a fitness personality he follows on Instagram complete the challenge.

He tried out Jacob's Ladder, climbing 1,000 feet his first time, a long ways off of climbing a mountain, but it was enough for Foth to realize he was capable if he put his mind to it.

“You’re going to hit those highs which are really fun, but you’re going to have those low points where you just have to trust the process, make sure you’re taking in your nutrition, and enjoying everything," Foth said at just over 20,000 feet.

“If you’re not enjoying it, why are we out here doing this?”

As happy as he is to complete the climb for himself, Foth hopes his accomplishment may be an inspiration to others.

“Maybe there is someone out there who climbed 500 feet and that’s an awesome accomplishment, but I’m hoping I can show them that maybe next time they can climb 1,000 feet, and next time they can do 2,000 feet,” Foth said.

“Those barriers, we put in our own mind. Anything is possible.”

Although it was a great feat of endurance, he certainly doesn’t want to take anything away from those who completed the climb on location, acknowledging the benefits to climbing indoors without snow.

He began Saturday morning at around 8:30 a.m. at Fitness Focus in Saskatoon, reaching the “peak” around 3 p.m. He is happy to have finished the challenge, but is pretty sure this was the first, and last time.

“You know, I highly doubt it. Once is going to be enough for me I think.”