A parent of two boys who attend John Lake School says it’s “disappointing” the school has dropped Core French.

“[My son] had a great French teacher last year and he enjoyed it,” Colleen Johnson said. “And I think he’s also sad that he doesn’t get to do French.”

The decision was made by the School Community Council, Saskatoon Public Schools spokeswoman Veronica Baker said. The council is made up of parents, community members and staff.

Core French is not mandatory at the elementary level in Saskatchewan and each school can decide whether to offer it or eliminate it, Baker said.

John Lake is the 29th public school in the city to drop Core French; 20 of the 49 schools still offer it, Baker said.

Emilie Lebel, the marketing manager for the local French theatre, La Troupe du Jour. said it’s unfair the students no longer have the option to learn that language.

“It’s Canada’s official second language, so to be denied all those opportunities and that whole side of art and culture, it’s kind of sad,” Lebel said.