Warning: This story contains offensive language.

Hand-written racist signs addressed to an Indigenous culture camp in Saskatchewan are upsetting its members.

One sign reads, "Colten Boushie was a thief that got what thieves deserve." Another sign questions Indigenous hunting practices, using the words "useless Indians."

The signs, written in black marker on cardboard, were found in an outhouse in Somme on Monday – just ahead of an Indigenous camp.

Crystal Peequaquat’s sister-in-law found the signs on the first day of Culture Camp, where members of the Yellow Quill First Nation spend five days learning traditional life skills from elders.

"(Racism) is nothing new. We see it every day, but that was the first time we found something like that," said Peequaquat, who has attended Culture Camp for more than 20 years.

"It angers me, it frustrates me."

Peequaquat said it was heartbreaking to see racism during a time of culture celebration. She said the signs will likely be discussed during the camp.

"We need to teach our kids that racism is there, it will probably always be there – but it’s how we react that’s important," Peequaquat told CTV News.

Somme is located about 130 kilometers east of Melfort.