SASKATOON -- While Saskatchewan has emerged from a stretch of frigid temperatures that led to extreme cold warnings, stinging skin and kept tow truck drivers busy as engines struggled to turn over — the cold snap has left behind some souvenirs.

It seems the freezing arctic air created the perfect conditions for sundogs, which Environment and Climate Change Canada describes as an effect that causes halos to appear around the sun when sunlight reflects ice crystals suspended in the air.

Here are some of the just a few of the striking images shared with CTV News Saskatoon:

Shelly Beskal Kostiuk captured this photo on Highway 11 on the way to Prince Albert.

Shelly Beskal Kostiuk sundog

Here's a sundog Kathy James spotted near Saskatoon's airport.

kathy james sundog

While the sun was nowhere in sight, Casey Schoffer witnessed a similar phenomenon — a glowing halo around the moon in Aberdeen.

Casey Schoffer moon halo

Rosalind MacDonald says she was so impressed when she saw this sundog while driving that she stopped and took a picture.

Rosalind MacDonald sundog

Doug and Joanne Born spotted this sundog specimen in Martensville. 

Doug and Joanne Born sundog

Meg Ro caught this sundog in Saskatoon.

Meg Ro sundog

This sundog surprise popped up at Blackstrap Lake.

cocogrizzlyadamson sundog

Nicole Masich took this photo in Saskatoon.

Nicole Masich sundog

Cheryl Mitchell says she snapped this photo on the north side of Saskatoon.

Cheryl Mitchell sundog